Public Events

I have given talks to a wide range of audiences from classes of 6 year olds at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition to local amateur astronomy groups up and down the country. I love taking about all of the fascinating phenomena and objects that we can find in the Universe to anybody who is willing to listen. Listed below are the talks that I give most often but if you have specific idea in mind then please get in touch.

  • ‘Galaxies: Our place in the Universe.’ The Universe is mindbogglingly big, but how do we know and where do we fit into it? In this talk we start off in the solar system before zooming out to look at all the weird and wonderful objects that we can find in our galaxy and those around us, and exploring how they help us understand distances in Space. We carrying on moving out to look at the increasingly exotic phenomena we can see at the very edges of the Universe before taking a trip through time to see how it ties together. 
  • ‘Seeing in the dark: More than meets the eye’. The Universe is a fantastic place but if we only ever observe it with our eyes we would never see it’s most amazing phenomena. In this talk I discuss what our galaxy, the Milky Way, looks like in different wavelengths before moving on to discover the exotic entities that can only be observed in the wavelengths that are invisible to our eyes.